Friday, July 10, 2009

yellow box

Haihz..last few week involved in an accident in kampar...first time involve in accident with other car on road...and guess what ..... langgar a police car...=.= and you think this is not worst enough , it happen just infront of police station and in the yellow box...==

All happen because a bus stopped beside the road and this causes me cant see the police car is coming from my right hand side....what an experience...a car suddenly appear infront of me...=.= that time i was fetching my friend to railway station and he told me that...'wah..just now so chi kek' swt....>.<'''

Wasted some money to repair the car and need to pay for that police car...aikx!! more thing...for your infomation..this is what the ketua police and the police in the station told me....yellow box is for police car to use...before that i thought yellow box is just cannot stop in it only...

one more thing....copy from hun seang's pm last time....'yellowbox is for police ??!?! i only know redbox , greenbox and lolibox is for us' =D

so guys...nextime becareful when you saw a yellowbox....lolx

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